How To Teach Spelling

On Learning Levels

How To Teach Spelling On Learning Levels

American English is not a difficult language to learn if the right approach is taken with the basics of the language. In beginning to learn this language it might be of interest to know that in grades 1 and 2 of elementary school a child learns 700 spelling words. In grade 3 there are an additional 915 words added to the language basics and then each year from grades 4-9 there are 1000 words per year that are added. By the end of the 9th grade a total of 6,615 words are in the vocabulary of the learner.

During this same learning time, rules of the language are used to make use of the American English language an easy flow for the learner. Each student learns at a different level and at a different time so the value of knowing a simple system is primary to the success of the person trying to learn American English. That can be a child or an adult.

Anyone who is learning American English but who speaks a different language in the home can experience a difficulty in becoming good at English. This is because of the constant switch between the languages giving less practice with speaking the English language and using the English rules of sentence structure. English is best learned with enough practice so it becomes easier to flow with the new language if English is the 2nd language being  learned.

While children find learning different languages easier, anyone can learn to speak and use American English fluently with just a little bit of effort in learning and applying the basic spelling of the 6,615 words that form the foundation of the language and then using the few rules of American English sentence structure.

A unique multilevel spelling program for American English was developed by an elementary teacher as a result of a 12 year old sixth grader who was struggling with spelling because he was only spelling at a second grade level and his family spoke a different language at home. He also was struggling with reading since students who have trouble spelling often function at a lower reading level.

In an effort to assist this young child, words that matched the second grade reading level were developed and given to the child who was able to ace the next spelling test. He was so happy he cried for joy because he had never received a 100 score before.

That perfect spelling score proved to be a turning point in the young child's education. He went on and worked diligently and continued to steadily improve. The language arts program that was the tool that this elementary teacher used to help this young man then was used for other students some challenged by the language and some who were bored with where they were asked to learn who found the regular spelling program for the grade level they were on far too easy for them.

Online access to the material is available 24/7. Those interested can see what is included in the language lessons on learning level by reviewing the information at

The pretest to determine the beginning learning level can be purchased at

This information is valuable whether you have your own spelling program in place or decide to move forward with the lessons provided on learning level in this recommended language arts program.